It’s the 21st century and every youngster becoming smartphone addicts. Android brought a drastic change in technology and things and people became more advance after 2008.  I was reading a magazine and found that almost 63% people’s smartphones running over Android platform. The report was from a trusted magazine. Now we can see the popularity of Android phones among people. Now the next biggest question comes in mind that- what are the source of entertainment to those people? Will they wait for any movie over TV? No! Mostly people don’t have enough time to sit in front of Television and wait for his favorite movie. There are thousands of Android apps available to watch movies and TV shows right on Android smartphones only. One of the very popular apps is, Cartoon HD App

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Yes, almost 60% iPhone owners have installed Popcorn Time and NetFlix for watching TV Shows and movies online and almost 57% people are using Cartoon HD App and Showbox App for watching movies and TV series for Free. Unfortunately, Cartoon HD is not available on Google Play Store and in order to install this application on the Android phones, we need to download Cartoon HD Apk file from a trusted source and little bit change in Android device settings.

Cartoon HD Apk

If you don’t know how to install Cartoon HD TV application on Android phone then don’t worry, here you’ll get the complete solution on how to install it on Android, iPhone, PC and Kodi but before that, let’s have some look on background and features of this amazing TV application.

Cartoon HD App: Things You Need To Know

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Cartoon HD App is highly popular among USA and Asian Android phone users because generally, they don’t have time to sit in front of Television and most of the time they travel around the world. I would personally recommend downloading Cartoon HD Apk for Android if your hobby is traveling but you don’t want to miss your favorite Cartoon series at the same time. Well, the name of this application enforce normal people to that, it only provides Cartoon shows and animated videos but for your kind attention, this application also provides Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romantic and Drama films.

Recently the developers of Cartoon HD App upgraded his server because they were getting huge movies request on the daily basis. Now, they have almost all kind of movie and videos collection and the list is growing day by day. Even people are installing Cartoon HD on Kodi and Amazon Fire TV also through various app launcher and Android Emulators. I have seen a query on a forum that, a person from New York was asking; how to install Cartoon HD on Roku TV. Well, there is no official update yet from the developers for Roku because Roku is not using a common programming language like C, C++, Java or HTML. We can expect any update on Cartoon HD for Roku in the future.


The Cartoon HD App has the largest database of movies and TV shows after Netflix but, it has biggest collection TV application which is serving for free. Cartoon HD is completely free to use and watch popular TV shows like Sherlock, The Wire, Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones. The best part of this application is, it’s easy and attractive user interface and lightweight Apk file. It couldn’t consume more than 10MB space in your smartphone storage.

Every time, developers releasing its update to fix any bugs reported by the users. Here we have uploaded the latest version of Cartoon HD Apk so that you can enjoy all latest features of this TV app. In the latest versions, all films and TV channels are properly categories and you’ll also get an option to search a movie or TV show by its name.

Either you are looking for a language specific movie or TV show, you can find it on Cartoon HD App because this is the only TV application which provides Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu etc. language movies and TV shows right on the single platform.

Also, you have the freedom to enable the subtitles while playing any tough language movie. English subtitles are available for all the movies and TV shows. We can save the videos for offline also to watch it later.

How To Download & Install Cartoon HD Apk on Android Phones

Cartoon HD Apk for android

Below are steps to install Cartoon HD App on the Android phones-

  • Step 1- Enable the Unknown Sources option in device Privacy & security settings option.
  • Step 2- Download Cartoon HD Apk File on Android.
  • Step 3- Visit Android File Explorer and look for Cartoon HD Apk file.
  • Step 4- Tap on the Apk file to begin the installation process.
  • Step 5- Follow all the instructions carefully and allow all the device permissions to finish the installation.
  • Step 6- Exit from the installation panel and go to the apps menu.
  • Step 7- Tap on Cartoon HD app icon and open it.
  • Step 8- Go to your favorite category and tap on video files which you want to play or download.
  • Step 9- Choose the video quality and hit the play button to start watching the videos.

Here is an image by which you can enable Unknown Sources on Android phones-

Allow Unknown Sources
Settings> Security Settings> Unknown Sources

Cool! You have successfully installed the Cartoon HD Apk on your Android phone. Now you can watch any popular Movies or TV show for completely free.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Cartoon HD Apk

  • Q-1: Can I install Cartoon HD App from Google Play Store?

Ans: No, you can’t find the official version of Cartoon HD App on Google Play Store because this application providing copyrighted content like movies and TV shows. In order to install it, you need to download Cartoon HD Apk File from above link and follow the above steps to install it on Android devices.

  • Q-2: Can Using Cartoon HD App lead me into any legal issue?

Ans: No, you are not promoting or violating any copyright law. If anything happens legally, Cartoon HD App developers can get in legal trouble. Just enjoy movies and TV shows freely.

  • Q-3: Is Cartoon HD Apk is malware affected?

Ans: Well, if you download from a trusted source then you are safe to use. We have got the official version of Cartoon HD Apk from developers and scanned the file with many antivirus software’s and found it safe to use. Just download the Apk file from above link.

  • Q-4: Am I charged for using Cartoon HD Apk?

Ans: No, Cartoon HD is completely free to use. They are earning by showing some Advertisements ( I don’t think you find it annoying) but still you want to contribute the developers for their efforts, you can donate them.

  • Q-5: Is Cartoon HD providing only Cartoon Series and videos?

Ans: No! Cartoon HD initially severing Cartoon and Animate videos only but after the huge request from application users, they started serving non-animated movies also. You can find almost all action and Sci-Fi movies on their server.



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