Dolby Atoms Apk: If you are not happy with the audio quality of our phone or the audio quality of your phone is not up to the mark. Then this article is specially meant for you.

The sound quality of smartphone is always the most underrated topic for the smartphone manufacturer due to which even after the lots of advancement in the other features of smartphone the quality of sound is still not up to the mark.

As a user, we cannot do any thing regarding the hardware used for Audio but we can use some software or application to enhance the Audio quality of our phone.Dolby Atoms Apk

As we all know that when its comes to an Audio enhancing software the first name which comes to our mind is Dolby and in this article, I am writing about an App called Dolby Atoms Application which can enhance the audio quality of your Phone.

The sad part is that you will hardly found any mobile manufacturing company using this awesome application to improve the audio quality of their phone. But you guys do not need to worry you can use this amazing software in your phone. The only things which you need to do is read this article carefully till the end. Here I am writing How to Download and install  Dolby Atoms Apkin your phone.

Before going for the step by steps guide how to download and install Dolby Atoms Apkon Android phone  lets have a look on the key features of Dolby Atoms Apk

Features of Dolby Atoms Apk

By using the Dolby Atoms Apk we can easily boost the audio quality of our phone. especially when we play an audio or video after a certain limit of volume the clarity of sound starts disappearing and here is the actual work of Dolby Atoms Apk comes. The app boost the sound quality and auto optimized the audio to get the best output. some of the key features of Features of Dolby Atoms Apk are as follows:

360 Degree Sound Recording: The best 5.1 channel video recording features is the speciality of this app which captures audio from all the 360 degrees.It captures sound from the surrounding which works as a special effect for the audio.
Crystal Clear Sound Quality: When it comes to the sound clarity the Dolby Atoms Apk is the best available app. While using the Dolby Atoms Apk you can fill a single beat clearly.
Equalizer: Dolby Atoms Apk allows its user to adjust the tone of audio as per their wish

Dolby Atoms Apk

 How to Download and Install Dolby Atoms Apk on Android

Here is the step by step guide to download and install the DolbyAtomsApk on Android. just follow the steps carefully at the end you will successfully instal the app.Before going for installing Dolby Atoms Apk you should need to do Phone root. Be careful while doing phone rooting. Once you complete the phone root follows the steps given below.

You can use any of the below mention tools to root your phone

  1. iRoot Apk For Android
  2. Root Genius
  3. Towelroot Apk for Android
  4. Z4Root for Android

#1 The first thing which required is a Zip file of Dolby Atoms Apk. Don’t worry you can the download ZIP from the link given below.

Download ZIP File

#2 Once you download the ZIP file move it to the SD card.

Dolby Atoms Apk

#3 Switch off your phone and boot your phone in recovery mode.

#4 Now select “install ZIP file from SD Card”

#5  Tap(click) on downloaded ZIP File.

Dolby Atoms Apk

#6 Click on install Button and reboot your phone

Dolby Atoms Apk

It is done.It’s time to enjoy the improved audio quality.


This is all about how to download and install Dolby Atoms Apk on Android. By following the above mention steps you will successfully instal the app. If you face any difficulties at any stage of downloading and installation fell free to write us in the comment box we are 24*7 available to help you.

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