iRoot is an Android rooting tool developed by iRoot App developers. The ultimate goal of iRoot Apk developers was to provide a powerful Android rooting tool that can root any Android device in one click and I think they made it done.

Before iRoot App, I have tried lot’s of rooting application but most of them are either complicated to use or not functioning properly. The most important and awesome part of iRoot Apk is- You don’t need a Windows or Linux OS powered PC. Everything can be managed by this tool only.

From the above-mentioned link, you can download the latest version of iRoot Apk on your Android phone. As I had already mentioned above this root tool iRoot does not require any PC just download the iRoot Apk from the link given above and start your phone rooting.

What is Android Rooting?

Root Android

Almost 90% of mobile manufacturers are launching a new smartphone powered by Android operating system. According to a report- Almost 68% mobile phones users are operating the Android operating system. By default, the phone manufacturer installed their own framework, It means, without rooting the Android phones, everything is under control of phone manufacturing company.

We can’t uninstall few factory installed apps from the Android phones but, if we root it, we can easily uninstall those applications to save our internal device space and battery life. Towel root app provides complete access and full rooting of any version of Android. Before going to steps of installation of iRoot Apk on Android, let me discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Android rooting.

Advantages of Android Rooting-

There are lots of benefits of Android phone rooting with iRoot Apk and few of them are listed below-

  • You will have complete access to your Android phones.
  • You can install and uninstall any apps from your device.
  • Your device performance will improve.
  • You can save your internal storage space by uninstalling any unnecessary company installed applications.
  • Your device battery life will also improve.
  • Your device RAM space will increase because some apps which consuming the resources will be uninstalled.
  • You can use the hell lot of premium games and tools for free which can’t be installed on any non-rooted Android phones.
  • You can easily hack WiFi of your neighbors and use free internet.
  • You can play the mod and hacked games on your phone.
  • Everything will be under your control.

Disadvantages of Android Rooting-

  • Your phone warranty will no longer work.
  • You could face phone damage if you don’t follow the right steps at the time of rooting though you won’t face any trouble by rooting Android with Root Apps like iRoot, iRoot Apk, Root Genius Apk, Z4Root Apk etc…

How To Download & Install iRoot Apk on Android Phones

iroot apk

iRoot is an Android rooting tool it means you can’t directly install it from the Google Play Store. For installing this, you need to download iRoot Apk file on Android phone then only you are able to install and root your device.

So, you need to perform some additional steps to install iRoot v5 Apk or you can also follow these steps for iRoot Xda, iRoot v4, iRoot v3 and iRoot 2 Apk file. So, let’s start with steps-

Step: 1- Download iRoot Apk

Initially, you need to download the iRoot Apk file on your Android phone if you want to install it. You can download iRoot lollipop, iRoot marshmallow and iRoot Nougat Apk from the link given below.

Step: 2- Enable Unknown Sources

By default, Android manufacturers disable this option but in order to install any of external Apk file (other than Google Play Store) then you need to enable this option in device settings. You can find Unknown Source option in the following location-

Device Settings> Privacy & Security Settings> Unknown Sources> Enable

Step: 4- Install iRoot Apk

Once you enabled Unknown Sources option in device settings, it means now your phone is ready to install any external applications. Now go to your download folder and tap on iRoot Apk file.

Step: 5- Follow the installation instructions

After tapping on Apk file, just click on the install button and follow all the instructions till installation process is finished.

Step: 6- Exit from installation menu

Complete the installation process and exit from there. Now go to device files and take a backup of your data. I recommend you to take backup on Google Drive so that you can directly restore everything on your device.

Step: 7- Open iRoot Apk on Android

Now go to apps menu and tap on the iRoot App icon. Wait for a few seconds till this app load properly and recognize your device.

Step: 8- Tap on Click To Root Button

Hit the Root Button to start the rooting process. Once you found a message that rooting is completed, exit from the rooting menu and check if your device is rooted or not. In 99.99% cases, the device got fully rooted in once shot, else you should restart your phone and retry the rooting process with iRoot Apk.

That’s it!


Back in 2012, I am having a Samsung Galaxy S Duos and the first time I get to know about Android Rooting. I looked at Google and read so many blogs which provide the tutorials on Android Rooting. I tried rooting with Odin Software and ultimately my device got damaged but again in 2016, I tried lot’s of rooting apps for Android and found that iRoot is best out of them.

The rooting process with iRoot Apk is easier than other. So, you can root your phone with this application. In case, you have any doubt, please write us or comment below to get personal assistance. If you liked this tutorial, please share on social media.


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