I can smell that you are a music lover? Believe me, I am also a crazy music lover and today I have a special gift for you.

Yes! I am talking about Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Apk

Spotify Premium Apk is a very popular Android music app that extends the enjoyment level of music lover. Spotify enables users to download and listen to their favorite song on any Android device. Making playlist of the favorite music is always a trending method and Spotify Premium App has this feature included in it. You can create any number of the playlist and name it according to your wish.

You’re not even limited to creating your own playlist but you can also access some pre-created playlist from the internet also. Either you love listening t Rock, Romantic or Hip-Hop songs; you’ll find a relevant playlist on the web.

There are so many popular music streaming apps available on the internet and Google App Store but Spotify Music Streaming App has something special. Other apps show a lot of creepy and mind storming advertisements but Spotify Premium Apk will not show you any advertisements.

Spotify Premium Apk Offline Download

If you search on the internet about best music listening apps then you’ll find hundreds of such type of apps but once you download Spotify Premium Apk Offline version on your Android phone; you’ll forget every app which you used earlier for streaming songs and only one name you’ll remember is- Spotify Premium Apk.

The reason behind this is, it’s outstanding features and the huge library of songs. Another thing I forget to mention about these songs streaming app is; it’s clean user-interface. Believe me, you’ll not face any kind of difficulty while using this app. Every function is so arranged and organized like everything your mother arrange in the kitchen. Whatever you want; just tap on it and you are good to go…

Spotify Premium Apk No Root For Android

Spotify Premium No Root

Spotify is a website to listen to the music on computer and other EDGE/GPRS supported devices. As the popularity of Android came to existence and lot’s of developers connecting with users through the Android application; Spotify also launched an application for the Android smartphones. Spotify Premium Apk No Root is very trending search query on Google and as far as I experience that, people want to download Spotify Mod Apk free on non-rooted Android phones.

Spotify coming with three different modes;-

  1. Spotify free version app
  2. Spotify Trial Version App
  3. Spotify Premium App

1- Spotify Free Version Apk:

You’ll get a lot of limitation in Spotify Free Apk and your device could also experience some advertisements. Still, you’ll have access to lots of features but you won’t able to scrape the playlist and can’t share anything with your friends on social medias.

2- Spotify Trial Apk:

If you love the features of Spotify and wish to give it a try before paying monthly charges then you can have the access to Spotify Premium App for few days. After the trial period over; you’ll be asked to pay the fee if you want to continue with the premium version.

3- Spotify Premium Apk:

This one is the most advanced version of Spotify App where you can access all the features. You can create your own playlist and also search some existing playlist of your friends. You can also download any of your favorite songs to play it offline.

Spotify Premium Subscription Benefits

Spotify Premium Pricing

As I mentioned a few paragraph earlier, Spotify comes in three different packages. Basically, there are two plans only; vig Free and Premium.

Spotify Free Version-

You will have lots of limitations in the free version of Spotify. These are some features that can’t be accessible in the free version-

  • Can’t Play Ads Free…
  • Can’t enjoy Unlimited Skips…
  • Can’t listen offline…
  • Can’t play any track randomly…
  • Can’t get high-quality audio…

Spotify Premium Version App-

Spotify Premium Subscription is only $9.99 per months but you’ll get hell lot of benefits in this amount. You could download and listen to high-quality music with the premium subscription. These are some benefits of paid version-

  • Ads Free
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Listen Offline
  • Any track
  • High-quality Audio
  • Connect with friends
  • Share with friends
  • Access online playlists

Spotify Premium Plans

Well, there are three different plans of Spotify Premium-

  1. Spotify Premium General Plan ($9.99/month)
  2. Spotify Premium Students Plan ($4.99/month)
  3. Spotify Premium Family Subscription (6 Premium accounts just for $14.99/months)

As I mentioned above, there are three different premium subscription plan for Spotify music application and website. In Student plan, they are providing a premium subscription for just $4.99 per month while in general plan you need to pay $9.99 per month. To subscribe for Student plan discount, you require providing an Edu email address and university identity card.

In another plan i.e. Spotify Premium Family Subscription, you can get 6 premium accounts for just $14.99 per months. Every member of your family will get a unique login ID and password and their data and history is encrypted and can’t be accessed by other members. It’s just like, we will buy the login conditionals in bulk.

Download Spotify Premium Apk For Android

If you want to download this application for free then you need to download the Spotify premium apk cracked file and install it in a proper way. The installation guide for Spotify premium apk no root on Android in later paragraphs. You need to go for Spotify one month premium trial and after that, you will be asked to pay the regular charges. Once your trial period is over, go to device settings and then apps, look for Spotify and go to data usage.

Now tap of clear all data and also tap on Force stop. Now create another Spotify trial account with different details and login to enjoy another month Spotify Premium features. Though, I recommend you to follow the next method to get Spotify premium free download Apk from cracked server and install it in following ways.

How To Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk on Android for Free

Are you ready to install Spotify Premium Beta Apk or Spotify Mod Apk? Then download it from the link given below and follow the tutorials to install it in a proper way.



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